William Frederick Denning

W. F. Denning at Eggerton Road, Bristol, circa 1928

Short biography that appeared in WGN, the Journal of the International Meteor Organization

An article on Denning's meteor studies - from WGN

A short article about Denning's ideas on nova - from JBAA

An article on Denning's cometary discoveries - from WGN

Reprint from the RAS Monthly Notices: Comet 72P/Denning-Fujikawa: down but not necesssarily out

In Quest of Meteors - a biography of W. F. Denning by Martin Beech:

Introduction, Chapter one, Chapter two, Chapter three, Epilog, Notes and references

W.F. Denning (1926) with sky globe and 'meteor wand'.

Martin Beech Home page

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